SOLVED FOG FOS Drive Error (No Such file/directory)

  • I have a Lenovo 13 laptop that I am trying to image and it give the error message below. It is a machine that does not have an Ethernet port so I am using a Ethernet to USB adapter with the FOG FOS USB. At the end of imaging is when it gives this error. I am currently running version
    lenovo 13 issue.PNG

    I did try to look at the /var/log/partclone.log and could not find it in the system. Any ideas on how to fix this? This only seems to be an issue with machines using the USB-Ethernet adapter with the FOS drive. All other machines with straight Ethernet image just fine.

  • @Sebastian-Roth Machine was working fine after re-image and then started having performance issues mainly with Office and did Office repair. We are probably going to pull machine back and do another RAM test along with Lenovo diagnostics. Maybe just even replace RAM.

    We do want to upgrade but we have been pretty swamped withe people working from home, so hopefully we can do this when things settle down 🙂

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    @imagingmaster21 said in FOG FOS Drive Error (No Such file/directory):

    it then started imaging and it looks like it is working mysteriously

    Random RAM issue?! Just a wild guess. Could be other things as well.

  • @Sebastian-Roth The machine has 4G of Ram. I hit memtest on the FOS drive and it then started imaging and it looks like it is working mysteriously. Probably would not be a bad idea to update our version.

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    @imagingmaster21 The error messages might be a bit misleading so I might try to explain those:

    • The log /var/log/partclone.log is within the initram disk booting on the client. You’d need to do a debug deploy to be able to take a look at that log. It might be worth it. Though I could also imagine you’ll find a general error which is not of much help.
    • The read ERROR:No such file or directory is caused by it failing to read from a FIFO pipe (special file, first in first out) which FOS uses to extract the compressed image data on the fly. See that it says Starting to restore image (-) ... further up? It’s reading the image data from a FIFO pipe fed by a file decompression tool.

    I don’t think this has something to do with USB-Ethernet adapters. Just a coincidence I suppose.

    How much RAM does the Lenovo 13 laptop have? Have you done memtest yet? From the informaiton we have so far it would seem that FOS is not able to decompress the image data on the fly and hand it to partclone. Finding out why it fails to decompress is really tricky as there is no straight forward log file to look at.

    The other thing is that your FOG version is very dated and we won’t be able to backport any fix in case that is needed. You might think about updating to the latest at some point and see if the issue is fixed there already. Though I can’t promise you anything.

    If you plan to upgrade, don’t rush into it. We can try to give you advice on how to and what to (not) do to prevent issues.