deploying image from xen windows 10 - blue screen

  • hi all,

    i have captured my source windows 10 VM on my citrix xen server

    made a new destination windows 10 VM on my ESXi server and i have deployed the captured image, (only change i made was i made the disk IDE instead of SCSI as xen its an IDE drive)

    the capture/deploy process worked perfectly

    now everytime the destination vm starts up i get a blue screen, i imagine the problem is the mbr boot partition (sda1)

    can i create a new mbr, will this solve the problem?

    PS, i did a sysprep aswell on the source


  • Xen defaults to BIOS though in 8+ you can switch to EFI and I’m pretty sure new versions of ESXi default to EFI. Can you confirm which you have on each?

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    @robertkwild Can you post a picture of the blue screen so we know exactly what it fails on?

    PS, i did a sysprep aswell on the source

    I had expected the move from SCSI to IDE would have broken the Windows start for you but a syspreped image shouldn’t have that issue I suppose. Though I am not an expert on this.