With NIC 1st boot device, won't boot to hard drive from FOG menu. Blinking cursor

  • using FOG 1.5.5. On my Windows 10 Education images only I am having a problem. On any Dell computer, laptop or desktop. If Onboard NIC is first boot device, it will boot to FOG, at the FOG screen it will try to boot to hard drive after 3 seconds, but goes to a black screen and will never boot. If I change boot order in BIOS so that onboard NIC is not the first option it will boot fine. Even if I go to F12 boot menu options manually and choose onboard NIC and it boots to FOG, from there it will go on and boot from the hard drive after 3 seconds just fine. It’s only when I have onboard NIC as first boot device, it will not boot from hard drive after it boots to FOG. I do not have this problem on my Windows 10 LTSB or LTSC Images. BIOS booting. Not UEFI. Any ideas?Help!

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    @dmoseley Any news on this?

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    @dmoseley Can you verify the behaviour is different depending on the image you deploy to the exact same machine?

    I would expect BIOS version and/or settings to make the different. Or it’s model specific.