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  • Hi,
    I’m trying to deploy images with fog on a KVM server. No problems with that.
    My question if is possible to storage a copy of the image on the client side (local cache), on another partition or disc. And if it’s possible to do the restore from the client boot menu without using the network, only the local cache.
    Or your suggestion is to make one of the computers a local node?(to reduce network usage)
    Thanks and sorry for my english.

  • @george1421 thank you, i try to do this.
    Really thank you!!!

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    @Lindelosbosques I have a few plan b ideas.

    But first let me say with a 10/100 network you will be limited to 12MB/s (720MB/m) on each network link. On a 1GbE well designed network we see about 6.1GB/m transfer rates. Also on a 1GbE network link we can saturate that 1GbE link with just 3 simultaneous unicast images (sending 3 images to 3 different computers at the same time).

    On your network if you are deploying more than 2 simultaneous unicast images, you should really consider using multicast especially if you want to image an entire classroom. That way with one image push you can install the image on 20 computers all with the same bandwidth used as 1 unicast image.

    Also in your case, you might want to install a storage node in each classroom that way you can localize the network usage to the network switch for that classroom. That way you will not slow down the entire network for imaging in just one room. Realize that you can only multicast from a master node not a storage node. Also if your switch has an open 1GbE uplink port, you could install your storage node on that 1GbE link so that the storage node link is not the bottleneck in your design.

    FOG at this time doesn’t have an off-line or USB solution for imaging. If you want to do that, use clonezilla.

  • @george1421 thank you for the responses.
    I have a expresion problem.
    I’m looking for a plan B if the network is down/slow or all the clients want to deploy the image at the same time.
    I’ts not the normal use but i like to be prepared to the worst…
    If what im saying it’s stupid, sorry and again thank you for your quick reponses.

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    @Lindelosbosques Ok I have another question based on your feedback, are you sending the images via unicast (one fog task per client) or multicast (one fog multicast per 20 clients)?

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    @Lindelosbosques if your network can’t handle the deployment of multiple image tasks, perhaps reduce the number of “Max Clients”

  • @george1421

    thanks for the quick answer. I try to be more specific.

    6 Classrooms (in the same subnet, 10/100).
    20 computers per classroom.
    If i have to do a huge restore maybe i collapse the network traffic sending large image files.
    If the source of the restoration is the local disk there’s no delay’s.
    Another option is to make a node in every classroom, maybe this is the better/optimal solution?

  • This post is deleted!

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    The quick answer is no, you can’t create a local cache on the target computer, because fog erases the hard drive before deploying a new image.

    But to your question, I think you have a hidden meaning. Please answer, what is the problem with your network why you want to reduce network usage? Is this because you have multiple sites and a slow site to site link (as compared to your local LAN)?

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