• this is my setup
    ubuntu desktop 18.04 is my fog server (UFEI if that makes any difference)
    the target system is windows 10 (UFEI)

    the scenario is that I’m able to register my computer with fog and I’m able to see that it was registered with the right mac and other details, but once I’m trying to take the image fog says it’s not registered, the strange thing is that when I’m trying to register it again fog says that it’s already registered…
    so I’m kinda stuck in a loop without the ability to image that computer.

  • @obeh What’s the express service code or exact model number? I may have one laying around and would be happy to try it on my end… Thanks

  • it’s different 🤔
    I’ll try to get a different adapter

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    @obeh I am still at a loss on what might be causing this. Can you boot some Linux Live boot ISO and see if that spits out the same MAC address every time?

  • @Boyan-Biandov this is what I’m using

  • @obeh said in Fog imaging problem:

    latitude 7400

    7400 does not have integrated Ethernet, I’ve had my share of crap with these. You MUST use the $50 bucks DELL sold USB-C to Ethernet dongle, not some cheap USB-to-Ethernet or else all kinds of weird unexplained stuff happens.

    Are you using the DELL USB-C dongle?

  • I’ll provide the information once I’m in front of the computer, but from what I’ve seen the mac addr dose not change it’s static, and for evidence still on the same session where it says it’s not registered when i try to register it again it says it’s already registered.
    so i don’t think it’s something to do with the mac,
    BTW I’ve seen it with both 1.5.7 and 1.5.6.

    The computer I’m trying to image is a dell latitude 7400 if that can help in any way (M.2 MVMe ssd)

    PS, it has only one NIC

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    @obeh Does the target system have several network adapter? If not, there is only one other thing I can see: the MAC address of the network adapter does use some kind of weird randomized MAC. Can you please take pictures of the host in the web UI and when it’s PXE booting where we see the MAC address for those two situations?

  • yes, by scheduling a capture task in the Web U.
    and yes i can still see the host in the web ui

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    @obeh How do you try to capture the image? By scheduling a capture task in the Web UI? Do you still see the host in the list in the Web UI?