SOLVED Could not complete Tasking (/bin/fog.upload)

  • Hi Everyone,

    I am very new to FOG and Linux. An update to the latest version was performed in December 2019 and the capturing process began to fail. Prior to that it was perfect. Since then it captures the image and states successful, but cannot upload. I have seen many comments on this topic.

    I have performed the chmod and change the permissions. I have changed /opt/fog/.fogsettings from storagelocation=’/images’ to storagelocation=/‘home/fog/images’ and still cannot upload the image.

    I have read about making sure your password in correct, can someone give me the exact steps to verify these. Right know at a loss of what to do. Thanks for helping.


  • I will go through the information you sent, but I cannot take photo of the screen. Thanks.

  • Moderator

    Having a (clear) screen shot taken with a mobile phone would help see the context here.

    But it sounds like you went and did something you shouldn’t have by changing passwords with the FOG linux service account fogproject. Please run through this tutorial to resync everything. If it still throws the error, get a screen shot of the error and post it here for us to review.