How do I tell if an upload completes successfully?

  • I can’t find any logfiles that tell me whether an image upload completes successfully. The Fog reports menu has a report for image deployments but nothing (that I can find) for uploads.


  • Developer

    You can update the code to do it.
    There are some elements: imagingLog table in FOG database, pre_Stage1.php and post_Stage3.php webservices. Those webservices are located in /var/www/fog/service.

    When FOG makes a tasks, those tasks write a log in imagingLog table (make a checkin/checkout). Well, the fog script, that runs in the computer, calls to a webservice when the task begin. This webservice is pre_Stage1.php and makes the checkin. When the task ends, the script calls to post_Stage3.php to make a checkout. You must update the checkin and checkout functions to add the taskType in the imagingLog (you must add a new column in imagingLog table), and filter the task type. After this, you can make a personal report.

  • Moderator

    I don’t think there is a current report for this. I don’t even know if it’s logged to the database. If you just HAVE to know, you can try creating a plug-in that reports back after the imaging is complete, or you can update the scripts to report back to FOG somehow.

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