AGAIN : Update Database failed

  • wrong password for user “fogproject” ???

    I get this after capture an image, client tries a little time and then reboots within 1 Minute.

    I am not a linux user. I only installed Linux Mint on VirtualBox, changed IP to fixed and made a download of fog project software + installing without any specials.

    Many Users do so and there is often this issue but NO SOLUTION !!! Every expert says to harmonize the passwords, but I did not set any password for user “fogproject” while installation.

    What the hell is the solution for this problem ???

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    @WalterT Good to hear you could fix this issue on your own. Too bad that we don’t have any information from you about how the password was, when ich caused an issue! How can we improve this if we don’t have any informaiton on what exactly went wrong?!

    @Tom-Elliott Possibly it’s the \ but I am not sure. We already changed the password generation method in dev-branchand therefore this won’t be an issue from the next release on.

  • Update of my posting:
    I killed my system and made all new:
    W10 Pro - VirtualBox - Linux Mint - Fogserver
    all the same as I did it several times before

    Result: capture works WITHOUT any failure

    Dear FOG-Guys: please reorganize the generation of this random password, make it easyer, no one takes care of this password !!

  • My Host OS ist Windows 10 Pro, running VirtualBox.
    My FOG Server ist Linux Mint.
    I am an experianced user in Windows and VirtualBox, but not in Linux, but no matter of this.
    A few days ago I made the same System (W10-VB-Mint) with a vdi-disk of 100 GB. This system worked well with capturing and deploying images. I made a mistake and captured too many images which filled up my vdi. Therefore I made my system completely new with vdi of 1000 GB. I did all the same steps and now I have this problem.
    Seems to be an issue in installation with this random password.

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    @WalterT the password is randomly generated at install time. Every now and again, however, this random password has some codes in it that are literally interpreted.

    I had something (t%Pr\rAs[]E and it stripped the \r due to this. I don’t know why it did this but that was my issue.

    Look at the storage node password in the GUI.

    Copy to notepad.

    Look at the file on the server under /opt/fog/.fogsettings and make sure the password there is the same as the one you just copied to notepad.

    Look at the file on the server under /var/www/fog/lib/fog/config.class.php and make sure the ftp password there is the same as the one you copied to notepad.

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    Links to examples of others with this problem yet NO SOLUTION would be helpful too. As it would seem to point that we are missing a few issues and should probably come up with a way to help.

    Of note, we don’t know what the actual cause of the problem is or even a specific example of the problem.

    We say this pretty often, but images of the problem go a lot further as it gives us the context of the message and problem.

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    @george1421 I see linux mint on virtual box. Its probably not the Debian 10.2 issue that was just discovered.

    Where we usually run into problems with this process is someone will think its a good idea to change the linux user fogproject’s password. That causes the upload to fail during image capture with the ftp error and then can’t update the database error. If you didn’t touch the linux user fogproject then there is something else going on.

    Lets have you run through this tutorial just to be sure that everything is in sync. If you have already done this successfully then we will need to dig a bit deeper.

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    What host OS is the FOG server running on? Debian 10.2?

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