Unable to located master node from storage group.

  • Hi gents,

    having problem trying to upload image to the server.
    I got the message:
    “Unable to start task Unable to located master node from storage group.”

    Any ideas to correct that?
    All my storage node options are by default and DefaultMember is master.


  • Well, It says “free space: 94%”.

    I am about to reinstall a new server so, it should resolve my problem.

  • Moderator

    On your dashboard page, when you select the storage node in the pie chart area, does it give you information about disk usage or tell you it can’t connect?

  • Well, before i had problems uploading an image, before the disk check i had a problem with the error something like “Unable to connect to ftp” then in a forum on the web someone said to delete and recreate the storage nodes & groups this was what i did. Then trying to test and upload an image, after task acceptation it said “[SIZE=3]Unable to located master node from storage group”. Can’t say if master node can see storage. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=6][B] [/B][/SIZE]

  • Moderator

    Can the master node see the storage node and replicate images to it?

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