• I have recently created an image for Lenovo m720s. After deploying the image the machines will not boot to the hard drive.
    I get an error stating there’s no operating system.
    If I pxe boot to fog I can then select boot from hard disk and it loads windows no problem.
    Any ideas why the PC’s can’t find the operating system on the hard drive unless I pxe boot to fog?

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  • @mikeakin44 and what happens if you make the same boot order change on your reference machine?

    If you would please, answer the following:
    Which boot method are you using (Legacy BIOS or UEFI)?
    What is the boot order, or boot orders if there are separate sequences for normal, automatic, and error?
    What are the settings for the image type and the partition targeted?
    What is the content of the d*.partitions files in the folder for the acquired image?

  • I captured the image off the original machine.
    I then deployed to 4 others.
    They are all new machines fresh out of the box, same settings.
    I set the boot order to have the m2 drive first above the network boot.
    If I remove the the network boot from the boot order, the PC will not boot.
    If I boot to fog and then select boot from hard disk, it boots right to windows, no problem.

  • Was the image acquired and restored to the same machine? If not, do the boot types on the two machines match (UEFI / Legacy)?
    What are your boot orders (yes, there may be several) set to?
    Do you happen to have any other storage media connected to the machine you are sending the image to?