FOG on an Isolated Network With Switch

  • Hello all,

    I am going to be building a FOG server on a isolated network with a CISCO switch that has DHCP setup.

    Just a quick question, since FOG needs an internet connection to do the initial installation. Is there anything that I have to keep in mind to change when I switch the FOG server to the isolated network?

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    Personally I would install a second nic on the fog server. Have a dedicated imaging network and then a business network management interface. This is a normal configuration for FOG. Your FOG server will supply dhcp for the imaging network only.

    You can change the IP address after FOG is install, but its a bit of a pain. All you need to install FOG cleanly with dual network interfaces is to know the interface name of the imaging network and to have your business network nic to be able to get to the internet directly or via a proxy server.

  • If the machine in question only has one network interface, you may need to be aware of the network addressing of both the routed and isolated networks. There are a number of places where the IP address for interface used for imaging the client machines is referenced and if that address changes between installation and use, you may need to re-run the installer to update those references… Instructions are available in the wiki at Change FOG Server IP Address.

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    @Jack252 Did you read my reply here?

    …with a CISCO switch that has DHCP setup

    You probably want to say no when the setup asks you about setting up DHCP service on the FOG server.