Fog Server Install, Can't PXE Boot

  • Hello All,

    This is my first time installing a FOG server and also my first time really messing with DHCP and the likes, so I do apologize for my stupidity.

    So I have set up FOG and during the installer I have made sure that the FOG server deals with DHCP. The current setup that my employer has given me is a switch and a FOG server (running Ubuntu 18.04 Server on a Hyper-V virtual machine) so we can image new laptops that come into the business on an isolated network.

    I am just wondering whether I need to do anything on the FOG server running Ubuntu 18.04 Server to allow the machines to PXE boot. I have heard multiple things about setting up DHCP and what not, but as it is my first time I am keen to get some guidance.

    Thanks in advance, and any questions please let me know. As I understand I am not the best at explaining things.


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    @Jack252 Do you have different IP address subnet in the isolated network??

    You cannot simply change to a different subnet. There are a couple of things you need to do:

  • @Sebastian-Roth Thanks for the heads up, I didn’t realise that when you set the FOG server to use DHCP it would create the configs for you.

    I am just wondering whether I would have to change anything when I inevitably take the server and move it to the isolated network? I am guessing there is I am just looking for some clarity.

    Thanks for your help so far, it’s much appreciated.

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    @Jack252 If you choose to let FOG serve DHCP for you on setup time it should have created a proper DHCPd config and stared the service for you. So next is to see at what stage the PXE boot fails. Please take a picture of the screen on boot up and post here.

    If the machines just boot from the local disk you obviously need to enter BIOS/UEFI setup and change boot order to PXE boot first.