Where is the default storage location for the images?

  • Hallo,
    I need to change the storage location for the images because there is no more space at this partition.
    Now first I should know:
    Where is the default storage location for the images?
    Second what I don`t know (because I´m a Linux newcomer)
    How can I delete the storaged images?
    How can I change the storage location?

  • Moderator

    there is a WIKI article explaining how to do what you need. There are also many threads explaining how to do this command by command. Use the search feature and you’ll probably find it quickly.

  • Hi , iam installing fog in ubuntu server everything is done except than mounting images can anyone tell me where to copy the iso images in server not in FOG GUI…Please its little bit urgent as i committed to my manager that i will do it

  • Default storage location: /images/

    Change storage location:
    FOG Web GUI -> Storage Management -> All Storage Nodes -> Default member -> Image Location

    If you want to place the images on an external drive/storage/computer, you will have to mount them first on your Fog server. You could try to set up a new storage node (might be the easiest way).

    Delete: rm -R /images (or any other folderpath)

    Make sure your new storage location works before you delete anything.