SOLVED FOG client error after migrating from server to VM.

  • Hello guys I’m having trouble after migrating my FOG server. I followed the guide in the wiki and it worked but my FOG client part on the desktop gives me CA certificate errors.

    Reason I’m doing this is to have a backup incase my server goes out, VM seems safer.

  • Found them, yes transferring them worked but also resetting encryption data also worked.

  • Moderator

    @tesparza If you can’t make it work with the hints George gave you, we need more information from you. Which wiki article did you follow. What were the steps you made. What is the error you get in the fog-client log (post log here!)?

  • Moderator

    On your old FOG server you need to copy over the certificates to your new fog server. Then reboot the new fog server. I don’t know the path off the top of my head but it should be in /opt/fog/snapins and maybe ssl directory.