SOLVED Setting the primary and additional MACs the same makes the host invisible

  • EDIT: I didn’t see that there was a similar issue posted already about the bug. Thanks to the command given by one of the devs, I was able to clear the invisible host. However, the way I caused the issue was a little different and might still be useful for the devs to see. If it’s fixed, this can be marked as resolved.

    Original Post:
    I’m using FOG version 1.5.7 on Ubuntu 18.04 and I’m having a lot of weird quirks with MAC addresses. I opened up an issue in the tech help forum asking about why changing the primary MAC address causes it to add the old MAC as an additional one. Now I’m not even sure if that’s a feature.

    If you set the primary MAC address and additional MAC address to be the same, the host vanishes. You can’t search for it. It doesn’t appear when you export the host list. But if you try to create a new host with the same name it says you can’t because a host with the name already exists. I now have a host I can’t remove and can’t use that name anymore.

    I apologize if I sound angry, but I’m just disappointed that when I went from FOG 1.2.0 to 1.5.7, it’s worse. I really do appreciate the volunteers working on the project though. If you need anymore info for me to test something, please let me know.

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    @isaiah658 Fixed in dev-branch on github - will be in the next release.

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    @isaiah658 @Tom-Elliott Thanks for posting all the details on this issue. I will look into this for the current 1.5.x branch of FOG when I get back next week!

  • @Tom-Elliott Thank you for the response. So it seems the two issues are not linked. The duplicate MAC address issue is related to this: The primary MAC address being added as an additional MAC address is in fact a feature.

  • You don’t sound angry. You sound like you’re attempting to describe the problem with as much detail as you know of right now and potential steps you’ve take to try to fix the issue at hand as well as a way for us to try to replicate.

    I will say, however, that the issue was kind of a feature. I can’t say I have fixed this in working-1.6, but I do know what’s happening at a basic level.

    When you change the primary mac address, it tries to put the original primary as an associated mac. I added this around 1.4 timeframe because I was fixing so many other issues at the time. Maybe something was missed.

    The good news is it shouldn’t take too much effort to fix the issue as well as maybe be more descriptive of how to explain that changing the primary mac moves the original to “associated”.

    I added this as a kind of feature as simply going in to change the mac did not necessarily mean you wanted the original mac to just disappear. At least that was the thought.

    Hopefully this can help us narrow where the problem you’re describing is and give us all an insight of how we can correct the issue.