Disable additional MAC address feature?

  • Whenever I change the MAC address for a computer, it adds the old one as an additional MAC address for the computer. That is a terrible feature for how we use FOG. I’m often changing computers to replace one and instead of rewriting the whole description and making a new computer, I just put the new info in place of an existing computer since it accomplishes removing the old one from the system and adding the new one. Is there any way this can be disabled / forcefully ripped out of FOG? This is going to cause a lot of issues is people don’t remember to remove the additional MAC.

  • @Sebastian-Roth Thank you very much! I tested it and it worked!

  • Developer

    @isaiah658 Finally found the time to change this in dev-branch (ref). From what I have tested this only happens if you didn’t have any additional MACs defined for that host yet. Changing the primary MAC would then cause the “old” one to be added as additional. Not anymore after this change.

  • Moderator

    @Sebastian-Roth I just tried to replicate this, but this behavior doesn’t seem to occur on my end. I am on the latest dev version, though.

  • Developer

    @Developers @Moderators Any more opinions on this? I can easily get rid of that feature on now time but I would like to hear if anyone sees a good reason to keep or change it to a different behavior.

  • @Sebastian-Roth I would definitely prefer to have something changed. The idea of having multiple MAC addresses is great! Especially if it’s a laptop! But having a way to edit the primary MAC address without the old one becoming a secondary address would be ideal. If I change the primary address and click Update, it should only edit the primary MAC address. The functionality of adding the primary address to a secondary address could exist through the Add MAC button. Or maybe there’s a better UI option for integrating both features.

    The other reason I’m not a fan of how it currently works is that after you edit a primary MAC address and click update, you don’t even see that it added a secondary address until you refresh the page. I was adding secondary addresses and didn’t notice until later. Since previous versions didn’t do that, it felt a bit deceiving.

  • Developer

    @isaiah658 Now back from being on the road I’ve had a bit more time to read through your topics and I am wondering what to do.

    In the other topic you said:

    The primary MAC address being added as an additional MAC address is in fact a feature.

    Does this mean you are fine with it now that you know it or should we still remove this?

    @Tom-Elliott Do you know if other people rely on this feature?

  • To clarify, all I’m doing is modifying the MAC address on a host in FOG and clicking the update button. After that, when refreshing the page, I noticed it added the old address as an additional MAC. You might not see it until you refresh. I’m not clicking any other buttons related to adding an additional MAC. FOG just adds one itself.

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