SOLVED Quick Registration and Inventory Host - Lenovo T590

  • Hi,

    I am unable to create a host out of our new Lenovo T590. I keep getting this error message…

    “Initializing random number generator… done
    Failed to get an IP via DHCP! Tried on interfaces(s):
    Please check your network setup and try again!”

    I really need to upload this T590 image for work. Does anyone have any advice for fixing this? I have T460’s, T470’s and have no problem getting them to host and upload. I also poked around in the T590 bios so that it reflects the bios settings in the other computers.

  • Moderator

    @montesd Ok for that old version of FOG, you need to be on FOS Linux version 4.12.x to have the driver for the I219-LM or i219-V network cards. You can manually download the kernels from here:

    You will want to download
    Kernel.TomElliott. and save it as bzImage
    Kernel.TomElliott. and save it as bzImage32

    Watch your case because it is important. These files go into /var/www/heml/fog/service/ipxe directory. Rename the existing files in case you have to back up.

    Also you can try the latest kernels with
    Kernel.TomElliott. and Kernel.TomElliott. but there is no grantee that they will work with the older inits (YMMV). These would latest kernels would supported the newest hardware with the risk of incompatibility with the inits (FOS Linux virtual hard drive).

  • @george1421
    I’m running FOG version 1.4.4
    Kernel Versions
    bzImage Version: 4.11.0
    bzImage32 Version: 4.11.0

  • Moderator

    @montesd What version of FOG and what version of the FOS Linux kernel do you have?