• We have 20 different schools and I would like to name the machines starting with the school acronym. Is this possible? I would also like to join it to the domain.

  • @Sebastian-Roth
    Works fine for me on all the flavors of 10 we use. LTSB LTSC and 1703 1803

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    @austinjt01 Is this really needed? I though our scripts would properly rename the host via registry key manipulation after the deploy.

  • I use http://newstuff.clarke.co.nz/wsname wsname.exe is a little executable someone wrote a while back.

    I have a simple script that references a txt document put together with all of our machines MAC addresses. I type out what I want it to be named. It works perfectly!!

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    @vmesuria FOG does something I call “early host rename” - which happens just after a host is being imaged by adjusting registry keys in the Windows partition. I am not exactly sure how well this works in Windows 10 but it certainly worked for Win 7!

    If you want to go beyond this and also join the hosts to your domain you need to use the fog-client software… It does the hostname change after the host was imaged and booted to the installed OS. As well it can to the domain join for you.

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    You are going to have to supply a bit more detail here. I can tell you that FOG will rename the target computer during imaging if the FOG Client is installed on the target computer. If you have the old system names in the fog server already and want to rename them in the fog server to the new name, you can do that but it will take a little creativity, but its possible.

    I’m not sure if you renamed the computer on the fog server now, if the fog client will see that and then change the name (today) and reboot or wait until the next time the system is imaged. You could test this in your environment to see how well it works.