• Hi all, using cron I have created a scheduled task and its works as intended. But in some instances, I would like to temporarily suspend this task for an unallocated amount of time. Is this possible to do without completely canceling the entire cron task?

  • Senior Developer

    @0juke You are more than welcome to help us improve this part of FOG. I don’t think we will find the time to add your suggestions in the near future. Just too many other things on the list.

  • Yeah, the issue is, I only want to pause one task. I’m new to cron style scheduling so I don’t know the limitations of it. Another issue this solution is for users who are less technically inclined and are intimidated when using CLI/terminal style environment.

  • Senior Developer

    @0juke If you want to stop the scheduler from running all the tasks you might stop it for the moment: systemctl stop FOGScheduler