• I have an HP Probook 655 G2 Laptop that has data not being compressed when imaging. The original problem was that it was not PXE booting and was getting a no “No configuration methods succeeded” error. Researched this a bit and decided to try a USB BIOS boot. I got the usb boot working after some trial and error and can boot into FOG imaging.

    The problem is when FOG is doing its preimage processes, I noticed that it is not shrinking partitions saying that the disk is a fixed size. FOG continues through the imaging process and gets to 100% then it errors out eventually ending with a message saying there’s not enough space on on server.

    I used the same usb boot on another laptop and it created an image successfully. I have created multiple images from different models before, using PXE boot, and this is the first time I have had this issue.

    Any help would be great. Thanks.

    FOG version 1.5.7

    Image settings.png
    Screenshot_20190904-100256_Video Player.jpg
    Screenshot_20190904-095510_Video Player.jpg
    Screenshot_20190904-095541_Video Player.jpg

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    @xburnerx00 said in Image not compressing:

    I wanted ssd but people in charge dont think they’re worth it for old machines

    They are looking at it from the wrong direction. For $60USD you can extend an old machine’s life for 2 more years. Then you move the SSD to a new old machine. There is very little price difference to not switch to an SSD. Understand that you don’t need a 500GB disk because most of that is wasted. Windows 10 is happy to fit in 70GB of space. So if you don’t have much data a 127GB or 256GB is more than enough.

    But I understand what you are saying, its not your checkbook that pays the bills.

  • Very true. I submitted a request for a few more hdd. I wanted ssd but people in charge dont think they’re worth it for old machines.

    Thanks again.

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    @xburnerx00 I would still consider replacing that HDD with a new SSD just because around 4-5 years of daily use the drives do fail. If you have the budget replace is and avoid having to replace it later, plus even a cheap ssd will make that laptop seem new again.

  • Just an update.

    I did get another laptop and created an image with no issues. I also imaged the one that was giving me problems, and that seems to be working fine. No idea it was giving me problems on creating the image but if it works, it works.

  • Thank you for the reply. I am thinking it might be a bad hard drive. These laptops have been used and abused over the years, but I installed windows and software with no problems. I will have to grab another and see what happens.

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    Well I guess there are a couple of things here.

    1. You can ignore the error about disk space on the server with this specific error. Partclone is not very giving (in exit codes) to FOG, so the application makes a best guess. Sometimes it gets it wrong.
    2. What would have been interesting to see is the partclone screen before the error was thrown. Was it capturing the image in RAW mode? If so bitlocker may have protected the disk or free space on the disk. Even if you think you haven’t enabled bitlocker, windows will sometimes do so.
    3. Your hard drive on this workstation could be failing, and the errors being thrown could be an indication. The error messages at the top of the partclone screen is the first error detected, the rest are just results of the initial error.