Multicast just hangs

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    @rogalskij said in Multicast just hangs:

    Wait, you aren’t allowed to have the FOG server on the same subnet as the clients?!

    Just for clarity I read that you have 2 network interfaces on the same subnet. Is that accurate?

    So from your output command I see you have 2 multicasts running at the moment from 30-Aug.

    OK what do you get when you run the ip addr show command?

  • Found the issue! After some research and discussion with Cisco, we had to add “PIM” to the vlan on our core, even though both the server and client are both on the same vlan!

    Used the command - ip pim sparse-dense-mode on vlan 1 interface and it started working like a charm! I really appreciate everyone’s assistance here. This will help our institution so very much.

  • @george1421 Wait, you aren’t allowed to have the FOG server on the same subnet as the clients?! This is how we do most everything right now. We plan to subnet our devices later on, but previously with Ghost and other multicast products we just multicast with devices and the server on the same subnet. Is this still possible?

    Additionally, the output of the command you specified “sudo ps aux|grep udp-sender” is:

    root 13864 0.0 0.0 115300 1480 ? S Aug30 0:00 sh -c /usr/local/sbin/udp-sender --interface em1 --min-receivers 3 --max-wait 1200 --portbase 56590 --full-duplex --ttl 32 --nokbd --nopointopoint --file /images/BaseImage/d1p1.img;/usr/local/sbin/udp-sender --interface em1 --min-receivers 3 --max-wait 10 --portbase 56590 --full-duplex --ttl 32 --nokbd --nopointopoint --file /images/BaseImage/d1p2.img;
    root 14393 0.0 0.0 8688 660 ? S Aug30 0:00 /usr/local/sbin/udp-sender --interface em1 --min-receivers 3 --max-wait 10 --portbase 56590 --full-duplex --ttl 32 --nokbd --nopointopoint --file /images/BaseImage/d1p2.img
    root 31094 0.0 0.0 112708 992 pts/0 S+ 11:39 0:00 grep --color=auto udp-sender

    As you can see, it sees the interface em1, unless I am wrong and em1 isn’t the name of the interface, but that is what it says when I do an “ip addr” command on the server.

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    @rogalskij said in Multicast just hangs:

    Yes, they are both on “vlan 1” for the moment. Both are on the same subnet.

    Please clarify, you have 2 network adapters on the same subnet(vlan) do they have different IP address subnets? If they are on the same subnet, there may be an issue.

    When you have a multicast running if you run the following command from the fog server command prompt: sudo ps aux|grep udp-sender you will see the current syntax that called the multicast sender.

    So its getting all the way to partclone bits and then its failing? Can you/have you unicast this image before?

  • @Sebastian-Roth I checked the Apache log you mentioned, but all I see from that day doesn’t make a ton of sense to me:

    [Fri Aug 30 15:25:11.052318 2019] [mpm_prefork:notice] [pid 2739] AH00170: caught SIGWINCH, shutting down gracefully
    [Fri Aug 30 15:28:26.997884 2019] [core:notice] [pid 2727] SELinux policy enabled; httpd running as context system_u:system_r:httpd_t:s0
    [Fri Aug 30 15:28:27.032137 2019] [suexec:notice] [pid 2727] AH01232: suEXEC mechanism enabled (wrapper: /usr/sbin/suexec)
    [Fri Aug 30 15:28:27.101535 2019] [lbmethod_heartbeat:notice] [pid 2727] AH02282: No slotmem from mod_heartmonitor
    PHP Warning: Module ‘ldap’ already loaded in Unknown on line 0
    [Fri Aug 30 15:28:27.268250 2019] [mpm_prefork:notice] [pid 2727] AH00163: Apache/2.4.6 (CentOS) OpenSSL/1.0.2k-fips PHP/7.2.21 configured – resuming normal operations
    [Fri Aug 30 15:28:27.268287 2019] [core:notice] [pid 2727] AH00094: Command line: ‘/usr/sbin/httpd -D FOREGROUND’

    Does this make sense? Am I looking at something wrong here?

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    @rogalskij Is your VLAN 1 bound to em1 on your FOG server?

  • @george1421 Yes, they are both on “vlan 1” for the moment. Both are on the same subnet.

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    So the first question I would have is: Are the target systems and the FOG server on the same subnet (vlan)?

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    @rogalskij fwiw the relevant lines in regards to which interface is here

    Command: /usr/local/sbin/udp-sender --interface em1 --min-receivers 3 --max-wait 1200 --portbase 56590 --full-duplex --ttl 32 --nokbd --nopointopoint --file /images/BaseImage/d1p1.img;/usr/local/sbin/udp-sender --interface em1 --min-receivers 3 --max-wait 10 --portbase 56590 --full-duplex --ttl 32 --nokbd --nopointopoint --file /images/BaseImage/d1p2.img;
    Task startedUdp-sender 20120424
    Using mcast address
    UDP sender for /images/BaseImage/d1p1.img at x.x.x.x on em1 
    Broadcasting control to

  • I tried to look but the logs don’t provide all that much information to me. I believe my interface is “em1” and that is what I should be using. I have attached the logs for all to look at to see if anything can be ascertained from them. I read the link you sent but I don’t see anything I should change or do to rectify the issue. I really appreciate all this assistance from everyone.

    Attached log files:
    multicast.log.udpcast10.txt multicast.log.udpcast9.txt multicast.log.udpcast8.txt multicast.log

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    @rogalskij Issue probably is that newer versions of FOG ignore the multicast interface setting and choose the interface “automatically” . This is probably going wrong in your setup. Please check the log in /var/log/fog/multicast.log just to make sure.

    Read Tom Elliott’s post here:

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