SOLVED Storage Node offline (sometimes) in Web UI

  • My FOG server has two nics. eno1 and eno2. eno1 is bound to my standard workplace LAN and eno2 is set for DHCP and tftp for imaging and that network is physically isolated. The WebUI is accessible via both interfaces. I found a bug where if i log into the UI from the eno1 network, the storage node says its offline node unavailable, and if i click on it, it takes me to another page that says “Invalid Server Information!” The storage node is configured with the ip that is bound to eno2. i have a workstation set up for management on the same network that when accessing the web ui, the storage node shows up properly with space used/available. Now this bug isnt exactly persistent because sometimes it shows up properly when accessing via the eno1 network, and sometimes it doesn’t so its hard to reproduce and troubleshoot. hope this makes sense.

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    @brakcounty Using FOG with more than one NIC is not officially supported. While it can be setup this way and mostly works it can still cause trouble as we see.

    I probably won’t find the time to set this up myself and test but you are more than welcome to investigate in which case it works or fails. If you need assistence on debugging this feel free to ask here.

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    @brakcounty You really don’t need to do it over again you may just need to align some settings.

    As I said, make sure your imaging LAN don’t have a gateway defined. The business LAN interface should have a gateway defined. If your storage nodes are connected via the business network the replicator will work because it uses tcp/ip addresses to locate each other.

    Make sure in the fog settings->fog configuration on the main fog server, make sure the imaging ethernet adapter is defined correctly. As well in the storage node configurations.

  • oh ok. i probably missed that detail on the ordering of ethernet assignments. maybe one day i can redo the server again and make it right.

    but the UI is in fact accessible on both interfaces.

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    eno1 is bound to my standard workplace LAN and eno2 is set for DHCP and tftp for imaging

    Let me say for me personally I would always make eno1 or the lowest order NIC for imaging, with any higher order nics for the business or management side. This is just to remain consistent. Then when you setup the imaging network don’t define a default gateway, but do define a default gateway on the network connections that can reach the internet.

    The WebUI is accessible via both interfaces.

    The Web ui should be available on all interfaces. It may not react the way you want, but it should be available. Your statement makes me think the prerequisites were not done before FOG was installed. 1) set selinux to permissive 2) disable the linux firewall.

    Lets get access to the web ui on all interfaces before tacking the storage nodes.