Authentication ERROR: Could not authenticate

  • I am trying to install Snap ins to my clients and after looking at the log files it looks like they are pointed to the wrong IP Address, but I cant find anywhere in the settings to allow me to make this change from to, would this be preventing all my snap ins from installing and just showing up as Queued?


    7/30/2019 9:40 AM Client-Info Version: 0.11.16
    7/30/2019 9:40 AM Client-Info OS: Windows
    7/30/2019 9:40 AM Middleware::Authentication Waiting for authentication timeout to pass
    7/30/2019 9:40 AM Middleware::Communication Download:
    7/30/2019 9:40 AM Middleware::Communication ERROR: Could not download file
    7/30/2019 9:40 AM Middleware::Communication ERROR: Unable to connect to the remote server
    7/30/2019 9:40 AM Middleware::Authentication ERROR: Could not authenticate
    7/30/2019 9:40 AM Middleware::Authentication ERROR: The system cannot find the file specified.

  • Developer

    @mkeane What do you see in the fog-client log now??

  • I fixed the IP address by reinstalling the client on the computer, but the snap in’s still don’t show up in the fog log, and they just stay in the que of active tasks and never get deployed.

  • Developer

    @mkeane Take a look at C:\Program Files (x86)\FOG\settings.json text file on the client and manually change the IP…

  • Moderator

    @mkeane There is an article on the Wiki where you must perform some steps to maintain control of your FOG client hosts when migrating servers located here:

    Please let us know if you have access to your old setup still and we can most likely help you.

    If you do not, I will defer to the other experts here to see if it is possible to make this work.

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