SOLVED Rebooting FOG server issue

  • Good afternoon all, I am working on a project to deploy Windows 10 using FOG loaded up on a Raspberry Pi. Everything has been running fairly smoothly, but I have a small issue whenever I shutdown the RPi and then boot it back up.

    After I boot the pi back up and schedule a task for one of my hosts, the host will not see the tftp request sent by the FOG server while pxe booting. I can see the host online through the FOG client but I cannot get the computer to pxe boot into the task. The only thing I have found to cure this issue is to stop and start the isc dhcp service using the below commands:

    sudo service isc-dhcp-server stop
    sudo service isc-dhcp-server start

    I am not using the fog server as my DHCP server, instead I am using our DHCP server onsite. This is not an issue currently because I am local to the RPi so I can SSH and run these commands. However, my eventual goal is to get these RPi’s installed on the private network of each of the store’s I am upgrading, so I do not want the other employee’s in my department to have to go through this to get the FOG server functional again after each restart.

    Is there a certain way to shut down the FOG server that will avoid this issue? If not, is there a way to include this service restart in the boot sequence?

    Thank you in advance for the help.


  • @Sebastian-Roth @george1421 Thank you both. I am most likely eventually going to move to using FOG dhcp so I am not going to go too crazy with this. Was just curious as to if this was a known issue with a workaround. Just using our hq dhcp for the time being for testing.

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    @Brendan-Clemente said in Rebooting FOG server issue:

    I am not using the fog server as my DHCP server, instead I am using our DHCP server onsite.

    Then (re)starting the DHCP server on your FOG server is not the right solution. It just masks the issue. Either look into properly setting up your DHCP server to serve PXE information (useful wiki article: or use dnsmasq as mentioned by George!

    The IP update script mentioned you find here:

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    For a mobile FOG server or moving the fog server into unmanageable dhcp server scopes, you will probably want to use dnsmasq (ProxyDHCP) to override anything the local dhcp server tells about network booting. dnsmasq properly configured will only provide the netboot information leaving the rest of the settings coming from the site dhcp server.

    I have a tutorial for dnsmasq here:

    On other matters, just be mindful that FOG doesn’t like the IP address of the FOG server to change after FOG is installed. There are a number of places you will need to fix once its in its final destination subnet. If you are creating a truly mobile fog server, one of the moderators created a bash script that runs to automatically update the settings as the mobile fog server moves subnets.