Disk Surface Test - results question

  • I ran a Disk Surface Test (DST) and noticed that it sits at the “* Disk Surface test for /dev/sda” line with no status output. I researched online, found that the status is given at the end of the test, and that it automatically reboots, so I followed the instructions to force a keypress prior to the reboot.

    This morning I came in, and the line quoted above finished with “…Done” and then the line below that was “* Task Complete” - no explicit confirmation of pass or fail. I suppose it could be following the Linux way of saying nothing if nothing went wrong?

    Several people have commented in the past, and I agree with them - it would be nice to link the test results to the Reports section, as well as some field on the host somewhere, perhaps the top or bottom of the Inventory details (ex: Disk Surface Test: [Passed / Failed]).

  • Developer

    @ckasdf Sorry for the long delay. Things are piling up here and we can’t work through it all in time.

    You are right that results should be visible. I just pushed a change to the scripts so that the output of the command checking the disk is not suppressed. As well I added that users need to press a key to proceed. It’s still not perfect but at least this will help people to see the results.

    Would be also great to have that in the reports section of the web UI but I fear we don’t have the time to implement that right now.

  • For what it’s worth, I ran the test on another disk that was causing me problems, and the screen “lit up like a Christmas tree,” as it were. So my assumption of “no news is good news” seems to have been correct. My suggestions still stand:
    A) the “press any key…” interrupt should be on by default instead of needing to edit a couple text files (with 500+ GB drives, who has time to watch in the event the drive isn’t totally rotten, and errors don’t start until half-way through?)
    B) it would be cool to be able to store the results in a text file linked from the site somewhere.

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