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  • Hi all!

    So I have been recently rebuilding my FOG server and thought of a feature that would be very handy to have. Is there any way we could have an option, in Snapins, to locate and select the inf file locally, like you can select the snapin file in the snapin addon? That would be super helpful.

    I appreciate all you do!



  • @Sebastian-Roth

    My thought was to keep it simple. The INF file would remain on the server as it is currently with the printer module. The main goal with my idea is to make creating printers quicker and easier.

    With the current setup you have to create a share directory on the FOG server (eg. SAMBA share) or locate an anonymously shared directory on an existing MS server where your inf files are located. Installing and setting up the SAMBA share is fairly straightforward. Getting the permissions correct the first time can be slightly challenging for some people. Why not incorporate the existing images directory share (as we do with snapins)? Have the very same upload option available when you upload INF files (the same as it is currently available for snapins). The upload feature would place the inf file in it’s own directory in the images directory.

    It may be more code than it’s worth. I figured we could utilize the same code that is currently being used with the snapin feature (with a few mods). But I’m a novice coder. :-)

  • Developer

    @Joe-Gill Ahh, now I see what you mean. Without having actually looked into the code I am fairly sure this would take some major work to be implemented as it means that we need a way of transfer the INF file from the FOG server to the client. Not impossible but it’s something we have not implemented within the printer module yet.

    As we don’t have much people working on the fog-client code right now I can’t say for sure if and when we’d be able to add that. Maybe you are keen to get into this as well and give it a go?!

  • @Sebastian-Roth

    I can understand that. What I mean is that in the printer feature where you enter in the location of the inf file it would be helpful if you could locate and upload the file in the same manner as you do a snappin. Hopefully that makes more since now. 😄

  • Developer

    @Joe-Gill Can you please explain in more detail what you mean? You seem to mixup printers and snapins here and I am not sure I get what you mean.

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