• Hi everyone,

    Has anybody ever tested deploying WS from FOG? I’m deploying a lot of servers these days and having FOG able to do that would be nice.

    If not, I may test today. I don’t want to have to move to MDT/WDS/DSC unless I have to for this.


  • It should. OS isn’t really that relevant. Its the component software: webserver software, php, and mysql that you need to make sure is compatible.

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    @THEMCV said in Deploying Windows Server?:

    Can feature installations be set with Snapins?

    While I don’t use snapins, features can be added with powershell such as in:

    Import-Module ServerManager
    Add-WindowsFeature FS-NFS-Service

  • @george1421 Virtual, Hyper-V. I’ll look into that more. I know there’s Desired State Config, but I need to read more.


  • @sudburr Nice, I’ll start working on images. Any snapins? Can feature installations be set with Snapins?

  • I’ve deployed to physical, Hyper-V and Vmware without issue.

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    Are you deploying servers to physical hardware or virtual? If its virtual what hypervisor?

    I use vSphere so I don’t use FOG at all. We use MDT to create a golden image in vSphere, then sysprep, and finally convert the VM to a template. From there when we need a new server we just create a new VM from template. With this method I can create a new VM in about 20 seconds and have it booting into WinSetup/OOBE. I might expect Hyper-V to have a create from template function too, I don’t know.

  • Yep. No problemo.

    Server Standard 2016, Hyper-V Core 2016, Server Core 2016 captured as Windows 10.

    Sysprepped of course.

    I haven’t captured Server 2019 yet, but I wouldn’t expect any issue.