usb usb2-port2: cannot enable. Maybe the USB cable is bad?

  • I am working on a Latitude 5300 Laptop it has a NVMe SSD installed I am booting to the Dell USB 3.0 to Ethernet adapter with PXE boot to image these machines. The workstation will boot to the fog menu but when I try upload an image i get this after the bzimage and init.xz loads – “usb usb2-port2: cannot enable. Maybe the USB cable is bad?” If I unplug the usb and plug it back in it will stop and allow me to plug the usb back in once I do it works properly. attached is a screenshot after I have re-seated the usb nic. Any help to not have to do the “Re-seat” step would help me out a lot.

    I have tried adding the Kernel Args. usbcore.old_scheme_first=1 has_usb_nic=1 and it has not resolved the issue.


    I am running FOG Version 1.5.6 bzImage Version 4.19.36

    Secondly, if we could get the NVMe drive to be recognized using the SATA Mode “Raid on” instead of “AHCI” would help out as well.

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    @paat So just to be clear, you have a Dell branded usbc cable?

    I have a dell branded usb c ethernet adapter on a 7400 and I can pxe boot into the fog compatibility menu (I don’t want to image my workstation at the moment) and ping devices. So I know the network adapter works. Also when we image we typically use the WD15 dock (the WD19 docks are flaky some times with pxe booting). That way we charge the laptop as well as image at the same time.

    This is the dell usbc dongle we are using:

    Also what version of FOG are you using as well as what FOS Linux kernel version do you have?

  • Sorry for digging this up but I have the same problem with a brand new Dell Precision 5540 (and a bunch of other Dell devices Latitude 5300, 2-1 devices etc.).
    With USB-A-Ethernet-Adapter and with USB-C-Ethernet-Adapter as well. Both kernel arguments don’t work. Maybe someone has new insights with this obviously common problem.

    It gets pretty annoying since many notebooks/tablets have no builtin ethernet adapter anymore.