UNSOLVED Images Display as Not Valid Data

  • Hello,

    We have been trying to upload a new image to our FOG server, however despite having freed up sufficient amounts of space to accommodate the new image, the image still cuts off at 64gb during the upload and reads as “No Valid Data”. The full image is usually 120gb or more.

    Would anybody have any insight on this issue? I’ve read around that this is pretty common.

  • Moderator

    @montesd What target OS are you capturing?

    What mode are you using to capture the image (single disk resizable, single disk non-resiziable)?
    In the partclone screen, is it capturing the image as raw (as if you have bitlocker enabled)?

    I’m initially suspecting something wrong with the source disk itself. The error reporting out of partclone is not very good, so FOG makes the assumption that the server is out of disk space.

    One way to debug this is to start another capture, but before you hit the submit button tick the debug check box, then submit the capture task.

    PXE boot the target computer and then after a few screens of text (where you must press enter to pass) you will be dropped to a FOS Linux command prompt. At the FOS command prompt key in fog and press enter. This mode will allow you to single step through the image capture hopefully you will be able to capture the exact error message displayed in partclone. Also if you reach the error but partclone hasn’t told us what we need, we can look at the partclone error log. But lets start with the single stepping through the capture to see what the true error is.