• Hello guys!! I would like to deploy remotly in a workstations parc some softwares like updates, applications and espesialy to perform an inventory of the whole softwares that are installed on each machine. It is possible with FOG project? many Thanks for you.

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    Another solution is to have a fog snapin schedule a PDQ Deploy package or packages. That snapin would run at the end of the deployment process to trigger PDQ Deploy to push out what ever is in the package group. You would also setup PDQ Deploy for on demand application pushes. This method will require the paid for version of PDQ Deploy but the paid for version is well worth the price because of the additional features you get over the free version.

  • I do it usually.

    I use powershell scripts, chocolatey commands and .msi/.exe files as snapins to do so and usually i have not problems.

    Sometimes it’s not easy to code the scripts, but it’s possible.

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    @khalid No problem at all. Just me trying to keep things a bit tidy here. Don’t worry.

  • Many thanks for you @Sebastian-Roth. it was my first step on this forum and
    I didn’t know where to ask the question

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    @khalid FOG is more a image deployment software solution. I think there are other solutions around that can do those particular tasks way better.

    Moving this to general questions as this is not a FOG problem.