UNSOLVED FOGService sometimes doesn´t start on windows 10

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    Sometimes when we deploy an image in one IT room and Windows boots, the FOGService doesn´t start. I saw the properties of the FOGService service in the console and this one start delayed. Does´t happen always, but if we deploy 40 computers, maybe 10 don´t start the service.

    Normaly the problem happen in computers with SSD disks, we think that the problem is that the system boots so quickly that one or more dependecies don´t start.

    Any idea?

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    @Fernando-Gietz Seems like a nice workaround. Please give @EduardoTSeoane’s suggestion a try for now. I can imagine this is something we should be able to fix within the fog-client but neither have I got a sysprep setup ready nor the time to dig into the depth of windows service dependencies and timing. Sorry!

    Probably related: https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/13224/issue-joining-domain-activating-windows-after-deployment

  • Hi @Fernando-Gietz

    We have our images configured to install and configure fog-client on the first-boot.

    We use a custom service to do it but It’s possible to do it as a scheduled task when a NetworkProfile event is rised too.

    Our service configuration is:
    sc.exe config FOGService start=delayed-auto
    sc.exe failure FOGService actions= restart/60000/restart/60000/restart/ reset= 120.

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    Is a random situation, I have tried to replicate the issue but was unsuccess. The problem is with the first time that the FOGservice runs, if you reboot the computer, in the second time the service runs well. But is necesary do it manually 😞

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    @Fernando-Gietz Not sure what we can do about this. I think I am not able to properly replicate the issue. Though I don’t sysprep and therefore have a different situation.

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    @Sebastian-Roth Yes, we do sysprep to deploy the image but we setup the FOG client to start the service as the post says.

    @george1421 In the FOG client log:

    10/05/2019 11:24 Main Overriding exception handling
     10/05/2019 13:46 Main Overriding exception handling
     10/05/2019 13:46 Main Bootstrapping Zazzles
     10/05/2019 13:46 Controller Initialize
     10/05/2019 13:46 Controller Start
     10/05/2019 13:46 Service Starting service
     10/05/2019 13:46 Bus Became bus server
     10/05/2019 13:46 Bus Emmiting message on channel: Status
     10/05/2019 13:46 Service Invoking early JIT compilation on needed binaries
     10/05/2019 13:46 Client-Info Version: 0.11.16
     10/05/2019 13:46 Client-Info OS:      Windows
     10/05/2019 13:46 Middleware::Authentication Waiting for authentication timeout to pass

    We can see that the service trid to start at 11:24, then two hour later after reboot the computer the service start well.

    In the windows event log we can see more information:


    At 11:20 the system starts and at 11:24 an error:


    This error launchs a 7000 event, in this page we can see more info about it:

    A service does not start, and events 7000 and 7011 are logged in the Windows event log

    The service control manager waits for the time that is specified by the ServicesPipeTimeout entry before logging event 7000 or 7011.
    Services that depend on the Windows Trace Session Manager service may require more than 60 seconds to start. 
    Therefore, increase the ServicesPipeTimeout value appropriately to give all the dependent services enough time to start.
    For more information, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: 
    839803 The Windows Trace Session Manager service does not start and Event ID 7000 occurs
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    @george1421 Two very good questions which I don’t seem to be able to answer.

    Well, can give it a try - more guessing. As far as I see it the only dependencies we have is .NET framework and Zazzles library (that we install with the client). I don’t know of any other service that we depend on.

    @Fernando-Gietz Can you please check Windows event log and fog client log (C:\fog.log or C:\Program Files (x86)\fog\fog.log) to see if there is any valuable information?

    This kind of issue has been discussed in the forums some while ago. Back then Joe fixed something and a new client version was released. So I am wondering if the issue is back again: https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/8184/windows-10-client-0-11-4-windows-service

    Do you sysprep your image? https://wiki.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php?title=FOG_Client#FOG_Client_with_Sysprep

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    @Sebastian-Roth Do we know what dependence the fog client needs?

    Is there anything in either the windows log or the fog client logs to indicate why the service isn’t running?

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    Yes, all computers are setup as service delayed. Is possible increase the delayed time?

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    @Fernando-Gietz Not sure I get this correctly. Is the FOGService on all your clients set to “delayed start” ? I think it really should be set to delayed.