SOLVED Restarting image capture in a loop

  • Hello all,

    I hae FOG Project 1.5.5 running, but when I do a capture on a Windows 7 box the capture process constantly restarts after getting to 100%. I do not see any errors in the log files. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Might be easier at this point to just do a complete re-install of the machine. I’m not sure why the partition table looks the way it does, but starting from scratch is sometimes the easiest bet.

    This time I’ll start in the VM environment.

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    @carmonj Better use 500 GB for testing just to make sure.

    If you can change the partition layout on your master (source machine) that would make things easier I suppose.

  • I set it to 130gb because that’s what I was told was on the machine for imaging. I’m going to increase the HDD size to 480 and see what happens. I may have to personally setup the imaging machine to make sure everything is setup properly.

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    @carmonj Well your partition layout is quite interesting. The boot partition is located after the windows system partition. As FOG don’t move the boot partition to a different location and marks it as fixed to not break anything. So from the numbers I see that you need a disk size of 480 GB or more to be able to deploy this image properly. What disk size is the VM you are trying to deploy here?

  • The image type is set to Single disk resizeable.


    label: dos
    label-id: 0x161519e0
    device: /dev/sda
    unit: sectors

    /dev/sda1 : start= 2048, size= 201698708, type=7
    /dev/sda2 : start= 976134144, size= 75826, type=7, bootable


    abel: dos
    label-id: 0x161519e0
    device: /dev/sda
    unit: sectors

    /dev/sda1 : start= 2048, size= 419430400, type=7
    /dev/sda2 : start= 976134144, size= 75826, type=7, bootable



    I am deploying again, but on my last attempt I did not see any errors.

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    @carmonj Do you see any errors or warnings on deploy? As well please let us know if the image is set to non-resizable or resizable. If it’s the later one please post the contents of the text files d1.minimum.partitions, d1.partitions and d1.fixed_size_partitions that you find in the image directory on your FOG server.

  • Thank you for that tip. Turns out the imaging machine needed chkdsk /f ran on it. Now of course I am getting an error on image deploy.

    4428cbef-4a1c-4ed9-a319-586ed169ef96-image.png w3

    I will probably have to start a new thread.

  • @carmonj probably an ftp credential problem, just guessing. This maybe will help:

    You need to very closely pay attention to the end of the capture for errors. Record it on video with your phone if you need to, because we would need the exact errors to best help you.