Lenovo Yoga 12 Compatability Issues

  • Having issues with this Lenovo Yoga 12. I get the exact same message regardless of legacy boot turned on or off. I followed this guide for Windows Server 2012, although looking at other posts I see some people have an entry for PXEClient:Arch:00000 which the Server 2012 guide doesn’t include, so I also didn’t include. How can I figure out this specific vendor ID to try other boot loaders? Or is that even what I should do?


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    @TBCS Mmmmmm cookies…

    I’m glad you have it worked out and it was simple enough to just update your firmware (which you probably should have done anyways).

  • It works great after a BIOS Update. George you are so incredibly helpful. If I could send you cookies I would.

  • I’m running 1.5.5. I’ll try updating the firmware and get back to you on whether that makes a difference.

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    A couple of things here.

    1. If you are getting ipxe to boot (according to your screen shot) then. The whole pxe booting bit is working as intended. You can forget making any changes in dhcp at this point, because the goal has been met, the iPXE kernel has booted. What has failed is iPXE kernel to initialize the hardware.
    2. We’ve generally only see this in UEFI mode, but from your screen shot it appears to happen in bios (legacy) mode too. So the first steps I would do is update the firmware on this computer. We have see moderately buggy firmware from lenovo early in the production cycle.

    If that doesn’t work then we may need to go down the usb booting into FOS route.

    Just so we are complete on information, what version of FOG are you running?

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