SOLVED Error ipxe 2c222087 : No such Device when try to boot With UEFI on system

  • Hi,

    I am using FOG since few years and i have a recent problem.

    I am actually preparing W10 systems for my school, have to use GPT partition to work well with new processors.

    I have just migrate to to avoid problems with UEFI. I am able to capture and download images without problems on physical or Vms. But if i configure UEFI to boot to NIC ipv4 first and if no FOG task configured for the host i got this message :


    Seems FOG can’t link the boot to the disk system.

    I have configure my DHCP server to use ipxe.efi file like it is describe on the link i see on few topics here.
    And seems it’s ok because FOG is able to launch well tasks.

    I have this problem on both Vms and physical computers (tests on Optiplex 3050). I have correctly configure the bios i think.

    I want to try other kernels but not sure it works better.


  • Hey,

    Thanks again, it’s ok on both Vms and 3050 with “REFIND_EFI” Bios Exit Type.

    We can pass this post in resolve state.

    Have a good day.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the answer, i alreadey try to change it to “Grub”.

    I will try other options.


  • Senior Developer

    @LittleTux What you are looking for is the so called Exit Type. Check the host settings and play with the different Exit options.