UNSOLVED Fog uploads RAW when Partclone Gzip selected

  • Hello all. I apologize in advance if this has been covered a million times. We ran .32 for years and uploading / deploying images on Windows 7 machines flew. About a year ago we had a massive SAN failure that killed FOG and all it’s images. I then rebuilt Fog on 1.4.4 and haven’t used it since until the last few days. When creating an image I use:

    Multiple Part. Image - Single Disk - Not Resizable (because that’s what we always used in the past)
    Partition: Everything - (1) - Selected by default and Windows 10 makes lots of partitions ?
    Compression: 6 (default)
    Image Manager Partclone Gzip (default)

    Problem is uploading and deploying is taking HOURS. I’m getting 2Gig/Minute but the image is showing on the Client as 100% full, 0 Bytes Free, Image type RAW. So it looks like a sector by sector deploy.

    Any advice on this?


  • Developer

    is the drive encrypted?

  • Senior Developer

    @Lance-Caffey This means FOG cannot detect the filesystem you have on your partitions. It’s kind of unusual but not impossible.

    Before we start into this, let me say that FOG 1.4.4 is years old. We might try to help but won’t fix anything in the code as we don’t have the time to backport fixes. So if we find an issue that is still there we’ll fix it only in the latest code. So I might ask you to start by installing most current FOG 1.5.5 and we’ll see if you still get the same problem.