Differential Restores?

  • I know this sounds like a far-out question, but we know that Deep Freeze nearly holds the monopoly on this kind of thing. If FOG could re-image a machine quickly every time it boots (I don’t know how long deep freeze takes for its process) that would be…killer. I thought there would be an option in ‘scheduled events’ for this, but I’m not finding one. Perhaps it’s hidden in the groups section and I haven’t looked deep enough?

    What are your takes on this?

  • ^^^Good points. My co-worker must have been mistaken.

  • There is a major difference between what FOG does and what DeepFreeze does. FOG actually images the disk sector by sector (unless you’re doing a RAW image which is bit by bit), while DeepFreeze adds it’s own driver that redirects file writes to a temporary space that gets dropped on reboot. Currently there is no way to schedule FOG to reimage on every reboot (and even a small XP image (about 5GB) would take time and wear down the drive faster.

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