UNSOLVED halts at "configuring"

  • Hello, I’m a friend of Zerpie and am new to the forums. I have come into a situation.

    The Device finds the fog server and finishes “iPXE initializing devices…ok”. Then, as you can see in the attached image, halts at “configuring”. Suggestions?
    Thanks for your time.!! ![0_1550861557111_IMG_5703.JPG](Uploading 100%)

  • Sounds good. Thanks.
    I’ll give it a whirl and let you know the outcome / results. Apprec’ 😉

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    @chvys10matt said in halts at "configuring":

    Well if you are a friend of Zerpie then you are a friend of mine…

    We have see that on a few hardwares where it will lock up at initializing devices… I can tell you I have experienced it personally with a Dell 7010 in uefi mode. There is no way around it, there is a problem in the uefi firmware on those 7010s. The easiest way around this for the 7010s is to go into the F12 boot menu and have the target computer boot in bios mode for imaging. You can clone a uefi based image while the pxe booted computer is in bios mode.

    If you are experiencing this issue on another hardware model, the first suggestion is to make sure the firmware (bios) is up to date on this computer. Also make sure that secure boot is disabled on the target computer.

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