Database Connection Unavailable (CentOS 7 VM)

  • I’m getting this error whenever I try to access certain pages on the server, but only on machines there aren’t my host (Windows 10 Enterprise). I’ve never seen this error until a day ago, and rolling back to earlier snapshots in VirtualBox doesn’t fix anything. I can access the dashboard and all the other pages fine on my Windows 10 host machine, but if I attempt to access the server from my phone or other machine, I get the “Database Connection Unavailable” page. I’m also unable to boot into FOG from other machines.

    Other info:

    • Windows 10 host isn’t running any AV, and both the firewall and defender are disabled
    • Nothing changes in the CentOS 7 VM if I disable firewalld or selinux.
    • I did move the VM to a different host a few days ago. However, I’m now getting the error on both hosts.
    • I’ve tried the MySQL advice given out in this thread and keep getting MySQL error 42000 “You have an error in your SQL syntax” (even though I did a direct copy/paste).
    • Server was working fine up until a few days ago. I could successfully image machines with no issue. And as said before, rolling back to earlier VirtualBox snapshots doesn’t work.

  • @lambdacalculus Typically, this error is not caused by accessing certain pages… Generally speaking, your database connection is totally busted, or is intermittently working. And when it’s intermittently working, it’s usually load related problems. I have some questions for you:

    • How many hosts do you have running the fog client?
    • How much ram/cpu do you have allocated to your fog server?
    • What OS & version is your fog server running?
    • What version of FOG are you running?
    • Give us a screenshot of the output produced by the linux top command on your FOG server while the problem is occurring.
    • Check for a duplicate IP address concerning your FOG server’s IP address using these instructions.