"Why did my PC restart" ... SSD Only

  • Deploying a Windows 10 1803 image to Dell OptiPlex 9020, 5050, and 5060 SFF PCs. The deployment works as expected as long as the computers have a regular (spinning platters) hard drive. We have begun moving to SSDs recently, and now we are seeing some issues.

    If I take any of the above models and put an SSD in, after deployment the PC reboots a few times and gets stuck on a “Why did my PC reboot?” screen. If the computer is manually rebooted it will eventually finish the processes (joining the domain, snapins, etc). All of the above models are set to legacy BIOS boot.

    We have tried 3 different SSDs: Western Digital SATA, Wester Digital M.2, and LiteOn M.2. In all cases, the deployment works fine with a HDD, but fails with an SSD.

  • @sudburr I believe that solved it! On my first attempt I inserted a 5 second delay after every command in my SetupComplete.cmd; that did not help. Then I added an additional 60 second delay at the start of the SetupComplete.cmd and my first test after was successful.

  • I ran into something similar and it was a matter of the machines being too fast thx to the SSD for certain functions being called by my setupcomplete.cmd, answerfile.xml and a .vbs script run as a first time logon script during autologon. I had to build in some wait times or checks to ensure certain things were complete before allowing any of these to continue past what was now completing too quickly asynchronously.

  • The image I am pushing is actually captured from a VM, not from an HDD.

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    @Jeffrey-Boulais Deploying an image taken from an old school HD to a SSD can cause issues. You might need to look into partition alignment, as well as AHCI drivers. So I don’t really wonder about Windows wanting a reboot a couple of times to add the proper drivers accordingly.

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