SOLVED Old backup images not recognised

  • For once I have a fog problem that I have a bit of time to fix, a week 🙂 Just a bit of a pity I have the problem 😞

    I had a fog 1.20 server that I replaced with new hardware, but I moved one of the disks from it to my new fog 1.50 server, as it had image files on it I wanted to keep. I need to add the images back in. No problem I thought, just add a new image and point to the original images. However it’s failing with a rather unusual error as you can see from the following. What’s weird is the files are in the /images2 folder, I did copy them to the /images folder too, but it still failed.

    I have 10 images like this to restore.

    Does anyone have any suggestions I could try

    Thank you

    Screen shots;

  • Thanks Sebastian,

    The fog server ia a quad core 3.4GHZ with 32GB ram and uses a 4 TB sata drive to store these images on. It’s normal images are stored on a SSD array, its just because these aren’t used that often that they’re stored on a sata.

    The clients are all 32GB 4/6 Cores @3.4 GHZ, single SSD disk with a dedicated 1 GB network.

    The machines are usually used for just their PC’s image in the training room.

    Any suggestions?


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    @Julianh said in Old backup images not recognised:

    what format would you recommend for the image. it’s server 2012 r2. 1 drive

    There is no simple answer to that. It depends on your setup. CPU, RAM and overall performance. GZIP partclone is a good default choice while ZSTD is definitely faster and usually uses less resources. About disk: If you have identical disk size - and I mean identical as in exact same sector counts - I’d use non-resizable image type as it is a little faster and less likely to cause an issue on identical disks. But if you have different disk size you’d need to use resizable image type.

  • Excellent Sebastian, it was the Gzip format I missed. All working now.

    I’m going to make changes to the images and image them up, what format would you recommend for the image. it’s server 2012 r2. 1 drive



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    @Julianh said in Old backup images not recognised:

    I always thought the operating system section was almost irrelevant,

    It’s definitely not irrelevant!

    From the picture we see that the image files are GZIP compressed. Make sure you have that in the host’s settings! Then try deployment again. If it fails again I ask you to pay attention to the error message you see in the blue partclone window. The blue screen scrolls past when new messages are printed to the screen so you either need to take a video or get a picture just at the right moment. If you can’t get that I can direct you to run the task as debug job and get the error from the logs.

  • Hi Sebastian,
    The old fog server has been reused, so I can’t get any settings off it 😞

    Here’s the result of the command you wanted.

    I always thought the operating system section was almost irrelevant, but I’ll set it to windows 7.

    Thanks for your help, it’s much appreciated.

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    @Julianh Don’t be confused about the directory names. It might be /images2 on your FOG server but still the client scripts on your host mounts that directory as /images on the client.

    So we got a little further with setting it to " Single disk - multiple Partitions". Possibly the compression is selected wrong as well. As I said. Please check all the settings on your old server for each and every image you have. If you don’t have a access to the old server anymore we need to play with the settings.

    For compression you can run file /images2/AMServer8/* on your FOG server. Take a picture of the output and post here.

  • Hi Sebastian,

    I had an old 1.20 fog server that was too slow in imaging the 12 clients it had, it’s used for a training room, it took 6 hours, they were big images, each one different. Anyway I upgraded to a fast network and SSD drive arrays. that was about a year or so ago, I checked and it says

    You are currently running version: 1.5.0

    Latest stable version is 1.5.5

    Latest svn version is 6078

    Latest git version is 1.5.5

    I set the image to Single disk, multiple images, and got a slightly different error, which is here

    What’s strange is the directory it relates to. it refers to the images directory, when the image is in the /images2 directory. but I’ve checked the image it definatley refers to the /images2 directory

    I think this is the problem, does anyone know how to make it look at images2? did the image files of 1.20 reference the file location, could it have brought this over?


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    @Julianh From the files seen in the listing we know that this is definitely not a resizable image type. Creating the image manually in your new FOG server is perfectly fine but you need to also pay attention and set the options exactly as they were on the old server. So as a start for this image set to “Single Disk - Multiple Partitions” and see if you can deploy that image.

    my new fog 1.50 server

    Sure you setup the new one with version 1.5.0? Why? Latest release is 1.5.5!