SOLVED Quick Registration makes windows not genuine

  • I am new to using FOG, and I’ve recently installed 1.4.4. When I do a quick registration, and the system reboots to Windows, the operation system says that it is no longer genuine. I tried doing a google search for anyone else having this issue, and couldn’t find anything.

    Any thoughts?


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    @easp said in Quick Registration makes windows not genuine:

    I am new to using FOG, and I’ve recently installed 1.4.4.

    Which tutorial did you follow that made you install FOG 1.4.4? This version is years old and we don’t recommend using older versions.

    As you get used to work with FOG I highly recommend you upgrade your FOG server to the latest version (1.5.5 as of now) before you got it all perfectly setup…

  • I barely figured it out a few minutes ago. I did not activate windows after putting the product key. I removed the host from FOG, activated my copy of windows, then preformed quick registration again, and windows stayed genuine.

    Thank you for your time.

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    @easp , may I ask which type of licensing you are using for Windows (I.E Individual or KMS)? I am no expert on the registration process, but I think the answer to this will help whomever is more knowledgeable than I in the matter figure this out. I myself use full registration and I believe there is a field for a license key, but as we use KMS at our District, we do not use this feature. I believe we use the Unattend.xml Answer file for this, though this was set up a long time ago and I don’t recall.