FOG and External Authentication - Shibboleth

  • I can’t go into all the details for setting it up, because I only worked on it from the FOG side, but a while back we were able to “bypass” the FOG authentication system and “replace” it with a [URL=‘’]Shibboleth[/URL] installation. This gave us pseudo centralized logins. Quick overview: the Shibb team added FOG as a service provider and we modified the /management/includes/loginform.include.php to use a static random character password that all accounts were set to in FOG, and set the username to $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_USER’].

    Hitting the URL forces you to the Shibb login page and you can’t get past that without a Shibb user account, and then it fails if your username doesn’t exist in FOG.

    It’s rather hacked together, although it works pretty well, but I’m wondering if there is going to be a better method of external authentication with 0.33.

  • Developer

    No. I haven’t thought about external authentication yet.

    It’s something i want to support, but right now ive got other code to convert 🙂