SOLVED FOG 1.6 Search text box doesnt work

  • Developer

    I have updated my FOG 1.5.5 server to 1.6 from working-1.6 branch. I try to use the search text box that appears in the top of the window but doesn’t show nothing and shows a message: “The results could not be loaded”

  • Hi, I’ve just looked into it, and it seems there’s potentially a bug that affects some PHP versions causing this problem. (The search page just fails with code 500 otherwise.)

    I’ve made a PR to fix the problem here:

  • Developer

    I open the FOG web UI from other browser (in this case Chrome, normally I use Firefox), and same situation.

    I don’t understand very well how works it. I logon successfully and appears the dashboard, if I try to search something (for example a hostname) in the search text box, how knows FOG what I am searching and where shows me the results?

  • Try a hard refresh of the browser please. I suspect the browser cache is playing a partial role as I can’t replicate the issue.