Are "Smart" Snapins possible (e.g. only install if target application isn't running)?

  • I’m just starting to use FOG, and am wondering if the snapins handle collisions when the target application is already running?

    Lets say I’m trying to install Keepass password manager, but I know that the application is very likely running on the end-user’s PC. Obviously data loss is very bad with some applications, so I don’t want to blindly kill/update the application with a snapin. Instead, I want to update, only if the application isn’t running, or whenever the app closes and it’s safe to install.

    Is there a way to make the snapin smart enough to gracefully update the target application, if it’s actively running on the host?

  • @numericOverflow You should research/test what happens if you run the update while the application is installed or not, running or not. Maybe it’s fine.

  • Senior Developer

    @numericOverflow Maybe just use “smart” powershell scripting to do just that. So far this is not implemented in the snapin code and I don’t think we could make this bullet proof anyway.