Is there any overwhelming reason to upgrade to 0.32?

  • We’re running 0.30 on Red Hat and loving every minute of it. (A tip of the hat to all the Fog Developers who put in countless hours to make our lives easier.) I am wonder if there is any substantial improvements in performance or features that make it worth the time to upgrade? Thanks to all who reply,

  • OK, thanks for clearing that up. I was confusing 0.32 with 0.33

  • FOG 0.32 was released a while ago (over a year). 0.33 is still in beta.

  • I checked the release note and didn’t see anything that interested me. Having worked in a corporate environment since the early 90’s i am still torn between the desire to keep current vs. not messing with something that is working as well as Fog 0.30 is for us. Hmm . . Fog 0.32 is still in Beta? I thought the web site said it’s released and stable. If it’s still in Beta, I will be patient and wait. Thanks for your suggestion and imput.

  • Well, as long as FOG isn’t finished yet (still beta), it’s probably smart to upgrade FOG whenever you can, due to solved stability issues in newer versions. Especially when using FOG in a professional environment. But that’s just my opinion.

    I don’t really know what has been updated in 0.31 and 0.32. You should read the [URL=‘’]release notes[/URL].