• Hello,

    We’ve got the following project for our structure :

    1 Master Server + 5 Storage Node (with 5 different location probably)
    up to 10 000 hosts
    Would you have feedback experiences, recommendations for our architecture

    high availability with MySQL ? CPU requirements , front-end server ?
    We really appreciate your help


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    @phil-dosi said in FOG Server Requirements:

    the worry comes over the response times with the FOG master

    We have worked on improving the response speed in the last weeks and made some progress. It’s more related to master/storage communication but we have reduced that a fair bit so there is more room for client stuff. The fixes are not released officially yet. But I guess your project won’t manifest in the next days anyway. Until then we most probably have the next release out.

  • @phil-dosi said in FOG Server Requirements:

    the worry comes over the response times with the FOG master

    Some of the statements in my response addresses that, and I can help you accomplish it if you like.

  • @Wayne-Workman Thank you for your answers
    We’ve enough network bandwidth between our sites,
    the worry comes over the response times with the FOG master
    …to be continued

  • @phil-dosi Are you familiar with Galera? It’s clustering for MariaDB. You could put the Fog database into a 3-node Galera cluster and do load balancing with HAProxy. Also you could setup a 3-node FOG master behind an HAProxy load balancer with sticky turned on due to the PHP sessions needing to stay with their originating web server… This should take care of 10,000+ nodes. For the locations, you would just use storage nodes plus the location plugin. Perhaps even two storage nodes per site if you have only 5 sites with 10,000 hosts.

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    @phil-dosi Just want to add a little bit to what George already said. I am not sure if FOG can properly handle such a huge amount of clients in one setup at the moment. You might need to tune some of the communication stuff to make it work nicely.

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    @Fernando-Gietz Any comments on a big deployments with 10,000 clients?

    IMO you will probably want to split off the mysql server into a standalone server from the FOG master node. That way you can tune the mysql for best mysql performance. All of those 10,000 clients have to check into the master node based on a time interval to look for new tasks. Ideally we would want them to check into the local storage node, but that is not currently how FOG works. You will need sufficient network bandwidth for this traffic. All images and snapins will be deployed from the local storage node but the clients needs to talk to the FOG server. You will probably need to tune php-fpm and apache for that many clients too (Fernando has done some work in this area too).

    For the CPU requirements… The majority of the imaging tasks are done by the target computer. The FOG server only manages the process. So for imaging the fog server cpu requirements are pretty low. But because of the size of your deployment the FOG server is going to be busy managing the checkins from the fog clients, so you will probably want to start out with 4 vCPUs and monitor the server health to see if you need to add more. Also for RAM you probably should start with 6GB and then adjust the memory once you have established a base line.