• So I have may sysprep file working good. I have it auto logging on so the fog service can startup properly and it can build that default administrator and account because I used the copy profile feature. My question is do I need to have the auto login on for these items to happen. I would prefer not, I would prefer that it just rebooted to the login screen in general. This way if I send a image down and I am not near the pc I dont have to worry about it sitting logged in as admin until I can get to it to log off that account. I am worried if I dont do the auto login the fog service and copy profile command the items wont fully get to the state they need to be. I there a option that I can have this account auto login after sysprep just as it is but then log off after a set time.

  • Moderator

    There are 2 ways that I go about this.

    1. Put the commands you need to execute in the setupcomplete.cmd batch file (like creating accounts and such). Just make sure you delete this batch file after it runs to ensure you don’t have any password leakage.

    2. We use the first run section of the unattend.xml file for actions that need to happen inside a windows profile. We setup the unattended login function with a count of 1. The second to last step of the first run section changes the login screen to our standard company branding (so we know the imaging process is complete) by updating a few registry settings, and the very last step of the first run section is to issue a shutdown.exe -r -t 15 -c "This system will reboot in 15 seconds" command. This forces the computer to reboot after all of the other actions are done.