• Hi all. Been using FOG for like two years with zero problems until today. Trying to generate a new image for a computer lab and am unable to complete the task. Initially I didn’t catch the error as FOG has been set it and forget it for me. This occurs when I am generating the initial image:

    Reading Partition Tables…ldm_parse_tocblock can’t find TOCBLOCK, database may be corrupt

    The resulting image fails to apply to the target machine with the following error:

    Target partition size (2MB) is smaller than source (1075MB).

    Are these two things even related?

    The image I’m generating has four partitions, is Windows 7, and usually clones without a problem.

    Thanks for any insight, I’m going nuts over here.

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    @rlindenschmidt Have never seen this error before but doing a little research I think LDM in this case means Windows Logical Disk Managment - see here·. Can you please take a picture of Windows Disk Management console from that client and post here?