• Hi all,

    When i press f12 for network boot, I get my fog server come up with all the different menus, ie 2 I have added manually for centos kickstart and one for gparted live

    I have seen there’s a default one for deploying your images called “fog.deployimage” , I would just like to know can I put in another custom menu for capturing images aswell

    It would be good to know as atm i have to quickly register my host with the fog server and from there under hosts I click on that host and click the capture button

    Many thanks,

  • Senior Developer

    @Tom-Elliott Maybe add another user confirmation to make clear this will overwrite an existing image…?

  • Senior Developer

    @robertkwild you could add it but there’s a lot that goes to creating the package for capture. And as most times capture is a fairly manual process it’s also controlled, I think, more rigorously.

    I don’t have a simple method of adding the quick capture right now. But I think it’s not too difficult a thing to add. Aside from that though, a worry I’d have would be people choosing the wrong item during pxe boot and potentially overwriting an image unintentionally. For this reason I’m hesitant to add such functionality.