Windows 10 Automatic Repair being caused by FOG

  • I believe FOG is causing this because from all schoo campuses around, im the only one using FOG and im the online one that is getting blue screens and Automatic Repair loop.
    What can be causing this, Ive read that refind can cause it?

  • Developer

    @tesparza Which version of FOG do you run? I know we have a fair amount of users doing Win 10 with FOG and don’t see all of them reporting this issue. Not saying that FOG isn’t doing this but I guess it’s more likely something with your image.

    Is bitlocker turned off?

    manage-bde -status
    manage-bde -off C:

  • @Sebastian-Roth Yes fast boot is disabled and when I captured the image I made sure to shutdown correctly and that all updates were installed before capturing. The image is the to multidisk non resizable.

  • Developer

    @tesparza Have you disabled Windows 10 Fast Boot and as well made sure to properly shut down your Windows before capturing the image?

    Do you use resizable image type? If yes, have you ever tried non-resizable? Would that cause the same issue?

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